As a movement artist, Avye’s work across film and theatre includes motion capture performance, ensemble and devised theatre, and creature work, as well as some movement coaching (Ready Player One, The Woman in Black 2)

She particularly enjoys performing motion capture for film pre-visualisation.

Highlights include providing extensive movement work in pre-vis and post produciton for Gravity, and performing as core mo-cap actress for Spielberg’s Ready Player One. She also helped devise the movement language for the angel in the National Theatre’s Angels in America, The Light Princess(National Theatre) and for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

‘Sandra developed a wonderful, trusting working relationship with Avye Leventis, one of the puppeteers. Every move was based on what Sandra wanted to do, and it just became a natural, flowing thing. Avye really took charge of the movement so Sandra could concentrate on the whole performance.’

– Tim Webber, VFX Supervisor on Gravity, in Below the Line